Looking to fill that growler in the mountains? Need a GREAT craft beer themed gift? Bacchus Beer and Growlers is your Craft Beer Connection! With 15 rotating and seasonal taps to choose from, there's always something new brewing at Bacchus Beer and Growlers! Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Chatuge in downtown Hiawassee, Bacchus Beer and Growlers has the area's largest selection of taps to choose from, as well as an extensive selection of hard-to-find domestic and imported craft beers...many available chilled!

Not sure what to choose? We offer tastings! Need a custom-order keg or two for that game-day party? Just call us... we'll be happy to assist!

Why Bacchus Beer and Growlers?
Opening in July 2015, Bacchus Beer and Growlers has the largest growler-filling tapset in the north Georgia/ far western North Carolina mountains. Conveniently located on the shores of Lake Chatuge in downtown Hiawassee, we are just a short drive from Clayton, Helen, Blairsville, Young Harris, Hayesville, Franklin, Murphy and Blue Ridge! Now pouring into growlers from 15 different, individually controlled beer taps, you’ll always find the latest and greatest seasonal brews, plus some ever-ready standbys, at Bacchus Beer and Growlers….with tastings available! BBG has a great selection of craft brews (with an emphasis on Georgia beers) in cans and bottles. Need a keg? Call us to discuss …we’re happy to assist! And, if you need MORE than beer, Bacchus Wine Shoppe – in the same plaza –has the area’s best selection of still and sparking wines, ports and dessert wines, hand-rolled cigars, more craft and hard-to-find imported beer in our Beer Room, and wine glasses, cutting boards and gifts of distinction for ANY OCCASION!

Growlers – The 411


In late 19th and early 20th century, Growlers in various forms were the way people took beer home before bottled beer was commonplace. You would take what was basically a bucket with a lid to your local bar and have it filled. How this pail earned its name as a “growler” is somewhat disputed. Whether it was the sound of the CO2 escaping from the pail lid or the response of a customer to a bar tender who only partially filled up their pail by leaving a thick head, the name stuck. Somewhere along the line they fell out of fashion and legality with the introduction of pasteurized bottling, automated plants, and national distribution. Now, growlers are back! Over the last decade or so craft beer advocates have pushed for the legalization of the growler once again, and the rise of the craft beer industry has taken the concept mainstream.

Who Was This Bacchus?

Classical History Class may seem like many years ago … and it probably was.

But if you remember your Roman gods, you’ll remember that Bacchus is the Roman god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, frivolity and unrestrained partying. Bacchus was often armed with a fennel staff, tipped with a pine cone, known as a thyrsus. This staff could also be used as a weapon, defeating those who opposed his cult and the freedoms it represents. Originating in Greece, where he was known as Dionysus, in Roman lands the followers of Bacchus developed into a movement which engaged in unrestrained wine-fueled festivals known as the Bacchus mysteries, or Bacchanalia.

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